New Year, New Website

New Website – Forward Thinking.

Over the Christmas, the studio went through a reflection period and we thought about the things that happened in 2017. Thank god, there were more good than bad points but we also knew where we could improve. First things first, we highlighted that the website needed a slight update. As typical creatives, we started the project with slight improvements in mind but totally changed it (laughing). We stripped back the functionality of the old website and made the new website minimal and user friendly. The services page is straight to the point and it highlights all of our services.

So, why totally change the website you ask? After listening to our clients, they wanted the website to be more visual and make it simpler to gain access to our new body of work and we did just that! After a few hours of brainstorming ideas, and eating and drinking copious amounts of alcohol, we decided to rebuild our beloved baby (website of course, not a real baby!).

New Look.

We launched the new and improved website today and we are very happy with it. Navigating through the pages is a lot clearer and the website looks a lot cleaner. Well done to the team who have turned everything around in such a short period of time. You could have been sitting in your cosy chair, eating Christmas leftovers but you came into the office and worked very hard.

Our clients really like the new website also, according to Nicola at We Can Eat “Your website looks so visual and easy to use now. The portfolio section is very simple but really effective and it is so nice see our work on there.”

Let us know what you think of our new website? If there is anything we need to improve provide this in the comments below.