Magento 2 Launch

Since the release of Magento 2, more of our clients have asked if it’s a good idea to upgrade their existing website. We have always recommended to wait until the platform was stable and for their theme to support the new version.

Two and half years later and Magento 2, is much faster and has better functionality than its predecessor.

Magento did mention that they will continue to officially support version 1 with security issues patches until November 2018.  This means that if you’re thinking of upgrading your website, do it very soon.


So we mentioned performance earlier and yes it is faster, about 30% to 50% faster than version 1. Studies shown that 2.0 can handle up to 39% more orders per hour than version 1.  This means in business terms more sales with fewer abandoned carts.

Ajax and PHP

Now we get into the technical jargon. Magento 2 now has a Ajax shopping cart which means adding you can add products to your shopping cart without reloading the entire page. Also, PHP 7 is now used in version 2, which provides superior performance. Sounds good right? This is great news, as it puts less pressure on your hosting hardware and your website is much more responsive for your customers.

Improved Checkout

The checkout process is much smoother and simplified compared to the older platform. That is awesome news, as you want to make the checkout as simple as possible for the customers. The simpler the process, the higher the conversion rates for your website.

Another improvement is the integration of PayPal. Its new integration means you do not need additional needless information such as a billing address. PayPal handles all this.

Mobile Browsing

Due to the rise of consumers using mobile devices to make their purchases online, Magento 2 utilises many of the enhancements to improve user experience on mobile.

Our Thoughts

Upgrading from Magento 1 to Magento 2 is a huge financial commitment as the migration process is not relatively simple. Magento 2 uses a completely new platform, therefore there is a lot of planning and implementation involved to make the migration as smooth as possible. The top 3 things to consider are the following:

Top 3 Things To Check Before Upgrading Your Magento Website

  • Check the server of your hosting package meets the requirements for Magento 2
  • Check all third-party extensions/plugins installed on your website are compatible with Magento 2
  • Your website theme will need to be rebuilt from scratch as both platforms have different structures

We do recommend it will be worth it in the end and the amount of work will largely depend upon the amount of customisation you’ve done to your Magento 1 website. If you were thinking of upgrading, simply contact one of our geeks digital today and we will be more than happy to help you.