Destination: Lisbon


Lisbon is one of my favourite cities it Europe. Its warm, charming cultural appeal makes it a inspiration for any creative. Even though it was for business, it was great to see this beautiful place again. It truly felt like home from home.

Walking through the streets of Bairro Alto gave me many inspirations and research on the project. The trendy shops in the day, which totally changes into a party scene at night, gave me the perspective of creating something that has several meanings.

Visiting one of Lisbon’s oldest towns, Alfama, made me really appreciate the culture, art and the whole history of Portugal. Its ports, docks, independent restaurants and attractions, gives you the true feeling of Lisbon. If you want to know about the knowledge of this amazing country, this is the place to be.

Cascais, is a stunning town, 45 minutes away from Lisbon. The costal town shows the wealth of Portuguese people but like Alfama, it educates you.

New Project.

Whenever you take on a client’s project, make sure to do your research on them and the brief. My time spent in Lisbon, made me understand the culture, the types of colours to use and how to communicate all of this to my client.

Of course, if your client is really far you can only go by the limited resources have. We have learnt over the years, that a brief is the majority of how your client ticks, for example, whether they want something totally new or a variation of an existing project or design. Get into your client’s head, understand their vision and visually communicate it effectively.

Overall the trip was amazing and we can’t wait to start the creative juices flowing. Watch this space for the forthcoming project. If you like to contact the team on any projects you have in the pipeline, let us know at our contact us page or email us at